Global Youth Service Day

Over the last  month or so I have had the opportunity of speaking with a number of young people about volunteering, some of the benefits and some of my experiences.

The most recent was in Cobourg, where I spoke to 400 students at the High School and after shared stories and ideas with 25 youth leaders The students are lead by Jeff Kawazenuk their enthusiastic Principal.  I was most impressed with the level of their involvement and commitment

They have taken trips to Tanzania, and are continually participating in community activity. They also have 30 Indigenous students from Alderville. They too are very involved.  Afterwards, one of the female indigenous students, who lives on the reserve said, “Volunteering is what we do.”

We were all asked if we had one wish around making the world a better place what would it be? My response was to have more open discussions like this with young and older people together followed by specific action.

If you or your children/grand children want to get involved you may wish to connect with Volunteer Canada https://volunteer.ca/

or go to  the Global Youth Service Day website – Global Youth Service Day.  While the day itself has passed, the site provides lots of great ideas on how to take action.  https://leadasap.ysa.org/

The site is American, however, it applies to young people around the world.

Til next time.

Chris Snyder

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