Creating Opportunities: A Volunteer’s Memoir

Chris Snyder believes there is much more good in the world than bad. And, in Creating Opportunities—A Volunteer’s Memoir, he takes us on a tour through the streets of Bombay, rural Malawi and high-powered boardrooms to tell us why. Chock full of interesting people and compelling anecdotes, it is one book everyone involved in charity, whether staff, donor or volunteer, should read

Creating Opportunities—A Volunteer’s Memoir is a fascinating trip through time and place, but it also provides advice for those who’ve found meaning—or would like to find meaning—in volunteering. Chris Snyder’s generous heart and good humour shines through every page of Creating Opportunities—A Volunteer’s Memoir.

Be Smart With Your Money

The book is a guide for all ages and stages. It is appropriate for young people starting out, those grappling with their investments, people going through a life change and people planning their retirement. Filled with real-life examples gleaned from his 47 years as a financial advisor, Chris Snyder breaks down the sometimes intimidating world of finances into simple to follow steps. Chris Snyder makes it easy to understand your finances and manage them. It’s a great tool for everyone who wishes to make the most out of their money. The strong emphasis on human behaviour in this book is unique to books on personal finance. If acted on, behaviour in combination with the information and practical ideas in the book will lead to powerful results and an enhanced financial well being.