Laughter: Have you heard the joke about?

Lucille Ball

There is more good in the world than bad

These past few weeks have been extremely tense, partly because of the U.S. election.  These weeks have been filled with much emotion, giving rise to anger, despair, frustration, disbelief, fear and disgust.  It has also provided many highs and lows, which for many have ended with relief and hope, but disappointment for others.

The ongoing reports about COVID have given rise to the above, leaving left millions of people with a huge sense of fatigue. 

Fortunately, we humans have been gifted with a sense of humour.  I am sure we have heard such expressions as, “Laughter is the best medicine” or“Laugh and the world laughs with you.” These are not frivolous statements.

Peter Sellers as “The Pink Panther”

On a scientific level, (Yes, I believe in Science), the renowned Mayo Clinic tells us laughter stimulates many organs, relieves stress, improves our immune systems, improves one’s mood and increases personal satisfaction.

Humour has been defined as, “A human trait that illustrates some fundamental absurdity in human nature and conduct, often in commonplace things.”

Not everyone laughs at the same thing and humour comes in many forms. Humour could be slap stick as championed by such old timers as The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Red Skelton and Peter Sellers. I still laugh at reruns of the Pink Panther series.


Or it could be found in such T.V. shows as Seinfeld. My favourite part was always when Kramer would enter with a perfectly timed opening of the door, standing there with his hair straight up and an, “I am here!” facial expression.

Pat and I are finding Schitt’s Creek – which we never watched until recently – a great tonic for the  heaviness of all of the reported events.

Schitts’ Creek

Many laughs can come from everyday events we can all identify with. Humour can also come in book form.  It can be in your face or be more subtle such as the old Bob Newhart Show.

Humour  can occur spontaneously in everyday conversations and situations or through a joke. HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT?…

Some people have a joke a minute, others have little or no skill in telling a joke and often forget the punchline.

Humour can also be clever, biting, sarcastic and nasty. Trump is good at this: think of the laughter he gets from his followers when he puts people down.  I have my suspicions on why this brings laughs, but I will not try to analyse it.

Bob Newhart

Humour often has to do with timing, not only in the delivery of it, but the events going on around you.

Humour and laughter can get us through a lot, so when you feel down and out –  maybe just looking at the absurdity and the humour in the situation can make you smile and remove much of the tension !!!

 As a real break and for some good laughs, consider going online for the, “100 Funniest Movies of All Time.” It includes such well-known movies as, “Meet the Parents,” “Best in Show” and “City Slickers.” 

Regardless of what makes you laugh or the timing of it, Humour and a Good Laugh can be a GOOD HAPPENING

Till next time,

Chris Snyder

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